Redeeming my CLUB Points

Can I redeem CLUB points online?

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Yes! Before any points can be redeemed you must be logged into your " Shopping Account" and have your CLUB Card added to the account. Need to create an account? click here.

While on either the "PAYMENT or REVIEW ORDER" page of the checkout process. Expand the "Redeem Points" field, select "Add a CLUB Card". Enter the 16 digit number on the face of the card, select "Save". Select the expiration date of your CLUB credit card and enter the CVV number found on your card, select "Save". Your available points will now show in the "Redeem CLUB points" field, expand to enter the amount of points (XX.XX format) and select "Apply". 

You can add a CLUB Card:

From your 'My Account' directory.

From the checkout pages as mentioned above.

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